The story of the family began in the ancient days of Munich. Beginning with its factory for calendars and leather goods Treuleben & Bischof and its “Paradise for Stationery” called Schreibmayr, which served as supplier of the Royal Court of Bavaria and the Grand Duke of Luxemburg. It has been known in all of Europe since 1883.

Luxury, wholesale trade and equipment for companies and groups as well as its own printing office – these company facets provided many developmental opportunities for Beatrice Bischof (third generation). She focused on luxury and design, as well as marketing and public relations.

Dr. rer. pol. Beatrice Bischof together with her parents Stefanie and Fritz Bischof

But beside this there was a passion, which drove her to the University of Munich. It was foreign policy. Quite a different role from that in the family company. But maybe also not so far away – the clients of the company consists of many international politicians, business leaders and actors. In parallel with her job Beatrice Bischof pursued her studies at the Ludwig-Maximilians-University not far away from her office at the renowned Theatinerstreet.


Dr. rer. pol. Beatrice is member of the managing board of the Foreign Affairs Association in Munich. She attended to the Ludwig-Maximilians-University at Munich. Then she completed her studies focused on political sciences, constitutional law and literature sciences and she graduated as Dr. rer. pol. with the additional focus on economic and social history. Until 1996 she was member of the managing board of the company of her family. Then she finished an education as TV journalist at the Kirch Media Group. Since that time she is working as TV journalist, political scientist and author.


Dr. rer. pol. Beatrice Bischof is TV-Journalist, Moderator, Speaker, Political Scientist, Author. Focus: International Policy, Interdisciplinary Innovations and Exchange, Digitalization, Sustainability.

Moderator 99%
Conference Planner 87%
Planner of Events 93%
Author of Essays, Book, PR 93%
Political Analyses 98%
Foreign Policy 96%


Explain what it is that makes the world to move! Or maybe even better: Understand what the world makes to move!


The moderator is…organizer, script author, communicator, interpreter, manager and helmsman…


The aim…to connect decision makers, facilitate decisions and find support for them.


The procedure…all sides are illustrated and presented, serious sources are used, and possible solutions are presented.


Create connections-moderate conflicts-build up trust!

These are the corner-pillars of our commitment: In relation to tensions between conflict and cooperation it is necessary to reduce conflicts, to moderate and strengthen connections and promote cooperation. For cooperation to work, it is necessary to create a stable base of trust. This base must be created so that trust is lasting. Please give us your trust, we will not disappoint you.


Though we evaluate projects on the base of each single case, this evaluation serves as a guide for valuing the services and projects that we offer our clients.


  • Companies and startups
  • Fundraising, Marketing and PR
  • Market launch and change management


  • Agenda and concept
  • Selection of participants
  • Preparation and press


  • Research
  • Concepts
  • Text