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Here you can find a general view of the actual publications of Dr. rer. pol. Beatrice Bischof. She attendet to Ludwig Maximilians University in Munich, graduated in political sciences, constitutional law, literature sciences and economic and social history. Until 1996 she was member of the managing board of the Company of her family.

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Ukraine crisis: ways out of the dilemma?

“War in Europe” is the headline in all the media these days. Sad, true - but surprising? Since I was allowed to take part in a seminar with two of the most important think tank presidents in the USA in connection with the security conference, the last point has to be answered with no. More [...]

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Fight against pandemic

How Taiwan learned to control the corona virus with amazing social coordination ... Focus Online, Thursday, April 2nd, 2020, 07:44 The world is fighting the spread of the corona virus. Many countries take their own approach. A look at Taiwan shows how the country's technical progress can help to solve major challenges. Article by Beatrice [...]

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