This was a question Freddy Mercury once asked in his famous song. This summer Mrs. Christine
Lagarde gave a spectacular answer for the International Monetary Fond. She caused upset as she
said: Older People live for too long and that´s a risk for the world economy, something has to be
So it´s about Longevity. That means the costs that arise according to that on one side people are
getting older and on the other side the birth rates degrees.
Therefore the chances and possibilities of new technologies are important. Innovative products,
process, and business models could help in this challenge. Especially the use of progressive digital
methods is in the centre and urgent for health care.

The meaning of health care for the economy should not be underestimated. Therefore concepts for
solutions to the longevity problem have to be national or supranational.
Interesting is the vision of a global coordinated Longevity Industry lead by progressive countries in
the area of Longevity. Longevity has to be seen as a government strategy with national and
supranational initiatives. Important in this connection is Healthy Aging. Suggestions like this can
contribute that the aging society does not only represent risks but also chances.

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