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Stresstest for Crisis management: Leadership-“a matter of trust”

Corona Crisis put politicians worldwide in a campaign modus. The catastrophe started a campaign, the stage is the fears of the others. The capital of trust is themost important to a politician, it can be enlarged or reduced. That does not only count for politicians in Democratic systems. Its a stresstest for compentence and firmness [...]

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PETS-A Foreign Policy Ecosystem Interdisciplinary Approach: Policy-Economy-Technology-Society

What does an interdisciplinary and internationally connecting strategy ultimately look like? Beatrice Bischof provides answers in her contribution. What is it? An attempt to reconcile and synchronize the current trends. This interdisciplinary approach in combination with the micro-multilateralism approach (Cathryn Clüver Ashbrook and Daniele Haarhuis) could be a new model of international cooperation. The [...]

Article: Who wants to live forever? –All

This was a question Freddy Mercury once asked in his famous song. This summer Mrs. Christine Lagarde gave a spectacular answer for the International Monetary Fond. She caused upset as she said: Older People live for too long and that´s a risk for the world economy, something has to be done. So it´s about Longevity. [...]

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Libra: are there a new world (currency) order and a web 3.0 in the uprising?

Topic of a hot discussion these days: Marc Zuckerbergs plans to enlarge his social media empire with a currency. Is Facebook now becoming a state of its own? Asks Simon Hurtz of the newspaper Süddeutsche Zeitung. Realized together with two other innovations in “his empire” as the plans for an expert group for disputed questions, [...]

Korean reunification: Germany as Role Model?

The discussion about the German reunification as a role model for the Korean reunification is dependent of the parties in government. After the German reunification, the model of absorption seemed relevant, but the opponents of this course emphasized the tensions in the Innerkorean relations and the different economic strength of both Koreas. Korea and the [...]

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Shall Germany be put in a sandwich between China and the USA?

That´s an interesting question, many people may ask since some time. An equally interesting possibility as an answer: There is the danger that Germany will be put in a sandwich between China and the USA. As a further danger the unchained capitalistic forces in Germany and in the economy are emphasized. As Prof. Christian [...]

The Pope at the Cradle of Islam

At his visit at the Arab peninsula, in UAE, Pope Francis called up for the engagement of religions for peace, tolerance and the observance of the freedom of religions. Dialogue and tolerance are the keywords. But what does this imply? .... See full article: The European/Debate Magazine/Article Dr. rer. pol. Beatrice Bischof [...]

“Foreign Policy without the Internet is unthinkable today” Part 2

Foreign Policy and artificial intelligence are inseparable, emphasized Beatrice Bischof. But what are the concrete tasks for German foreign policy? We are here at the fifth point of the analyses: Conflict and cooperation: Between the countries there already exists a global race... See full article: The European/ Debate Magazine/ Article Dr. rer. pol. Beatrice Bischof [...]

“Foreign Policy without the Internet is unthinkable” Part 1

Foreign Policy without internet is unthinkable today. The same counts for artificial intelligence. But what is the connection? Beatrice Bischof explains that in an new series of texts. See full article: The European/The Debate Magazine/Article Dr. rer. pol. Beatrice Bischof  

The North Korean Nuclear Crisis: Stop The Super Game!

According to Fred Charles Iklé, it has been proven so far that foreign policy negotiations are only one phase of a never-ending “super game”. But how can you end the super game about North Korea's nuclear weapons? What are the basics of the conflict? What are the constants and what are the variables beyond 24 [...]

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