The green space

I was recently asked a question when I was discussing the space industry: What does aviation and space travel have to do with sustainability? Very much. I followed up the question directly and was fascinated myself. A contribution by Beatrice Bischof. Read more ...

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Fight against pandemic

How Taiwan learned to control the corona virus with amazing social coordination ... Focus Online, Thursday, April 2nd, 2020, 07:44 The world is fighting the spread of the corona virus. Many countries take their own approach. A look at Taiwan shows how the country's technical progress can help to solve major challenges. Article by Beatrice [...]

The North Korean Nuclear Crisis: Stop The Super Game!

According to Fred Charles Iklé, it has been proven so far that foreign policy negotiations are only one phase of a never-ending “super game”. But how can you end the super game about North Korea's nuclear weapons? What are the basics of the conflict? What are the constants and what are the variables beyond 24 [...]

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