Ukraine crisis: ways out of the dilemma?

“War in Europe” is the headline in all the media these days. Sad, true - but surprising? Since I was allowed to take part in a seminar with two of the most important think tank presidents in the USA in connection with the security conference, the last point has to be answered with no. More [...]

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The green space

I was recently asked a question when I was discussing the space industry: What does aviation and space travel have to do with sustainability? Very much. I followed up the question directly and was fascinated myself. A contribution by Beatrice Bischof. Read more ...

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A constant up and down …

The traditional Schreibmayr business closes - its history shows how crises affect companies. Since 1826, the name Schreibmayr has stood for writing culture in Munich. After almost 200 years of company history, the end of the month is the end for the traditional business - Corona and the caprices of the Munich rental market have [...]

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